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TEETH WHITENING STRIPS - Neolumix Teeth Whitening Strips makes teeth white in 5 days! Our dental whitening kit contains only safe components that gently remove the results of daily coffee, tea, wine, and juices intake, as well as smoking, leaving pleasant menthol sensation in the mouth.
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EFFECTIVE DENTAL WHITENING - With purchase, you’ll get 12 pairs of whitening strips that rapidly eliminate tough set-in stains. Unlike whitening gel, pen, or toothpaste, Neolumix sensitive teeth whitening kit has the most effective yet safe bleaching agent that provides the faster visible effect. FAST-ACTING WHITESTRIPS - It takes less than 30 min per day for your smile to become charming! Regular use of safe on enamel Neolumix whitening strips for teeth helps to keep your teeth white as long as you want. To reach a better teeth whitening effect, make sure to exclude highly pigmented foods and drinks while using the product. SAFE WHITENING KIT - Neolumix Teeth Whitening Strips contains only top-grade active ingredients such as hydrogen peroxide, which is clinically proven to effectively and safely whiten teeth. NON-Toxic, BPA, and harmful chemical-FREE! Get instantly whiter teeth after just one use! WE CARE ABOUT YOU - We understand the importance of oral care and have worked hard to provide a professional brightening effect even for sensitive teeth. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact our online customer support service, and we will gladly help you! Product description Neolumix Professional Teeth Whitening Strips effectively removes tough set-in stains and brightens teeth for 8 shades in 5 days! Among many at-home whitening options, Neolumix is the best choice owing to: ? American quality; ? Top-grade active ingredients; ? Enamel-safe formulation; ? Guaranteed effectiveness. How to use: 1. Remove strip with dry hands and peel away from backing liner. 2. Apply sticky gel side against your teeth and line up with the gum's edge, gently pressing to mold the strip securely to the teeth. 3. Fold the remaining strip behind teeth to keep in place. 4. Repeat with the upper strip. CLICK ADD TO CART NOW and get a fantastic smile transformation!

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