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Professional Dental Strength 22% Teeth Whitening Gel. Includes 4 XL 10cc Syringes of Whitening Gel!

TOOTH WHITENING MADE EASY: The teeth whitening strips are easy to apply and the tooth whitening pen allows you to brighten your pearly whites while on the go.
Base price $35.27
Discount $-9.37

Extremely low sensitivity.Extremely fast whitening results. Only 20(yes minutes!) whitening sessions are required to achieve a sparkling white smile in just days!Highest quality, premium dental strength whitening gel.Enough included(four 10ml syringes)for initial whitening and ongoing maintenance whitening for up to two years!Thick formula to ensure the whitening gel stays on teeth and within the tray. The whitening gels viscosity assures adherence to the tooth surface for fast results! The tooth bleaching effect is achieved immediately! Our 100% satisfaction! We guarantee that our teeth whitening gel will be as good if not better than other whitening treatments! Safe and Simple to use, used worldwide by dentists!  Includes Four 10ml Syringes of Professional Strength 22% Carbamide Peroxide Teeth WhiteningGel. Made with FDA approved materials from a dentist supervised dental lab. Made in USA!Extremely fast whitening results.Highest quality, premium dental strength whitening gel.Only 20-40 minute(yes minutes!) whitening sessions are required to achieve a sparkling white smile

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