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Our strongest formula for the deepest stains. Teeth whitening gel refill pack includes (3x) 5mL gel syringes for a total of 15mL. Each syringe contains 10 whitening treatments (based on recommended .5mL per use) for a total of 30+ treatments in this refill pack. Whitening gel contains dental-grade 44% carbamide peroxide in mint-flavor. Removes years of stains from coffee, wine, soda, tea, smoking and more. This is a stronger bleaching gel and is not recommended for those with known sensitivity issues. To use bleaching gel, squeeze .5mL of gel into a mouth tray (not included) and wear for 30 minutes. Alternatively, you may squeeze the gel into a small bowl or dish and paint onto your teeth to whiten. Repeat this process for 7-10 days until desired results are achieved. If used as directed, most customers see results in as little as 1 treatment. The gel is safe for enamel as well as caps, crowns and veneers. Gel is made in the USA which it is safe and highly effective. The gel is gluten-free, kosher and cruelty-free using high-quality ingredients.
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Pankoo Nature Teeth Whitening Pen uses a gel containing active oxygen bubbles which safely and instantly begins to remove apparents stains, with gel dries quickly to use easily. Package inculding >>> Teeth whitening Pen 3ml x4 Directions >>> 1. Shake whitening Pen well for 5 seconds. 2. Apply petroleum jelly to inside of lips and gums prior to starting treatment (optional). 3. Twist clockwise several times (initially requires multiple turns) until the teeth whitening gel covers the brush tip. 4. Gently apply a thin layer of teeth whitening gel onto teeth, avoiding gums or lips. 5. Be sure to cover all surfaces of tooth and its crevices. 6. Keep smile for 30 seconds for whitening gel to dry on teeth . 7. Rinse your mouth after half an hour. 8. Do not eat or drink within 1 hour. 9. Repeat as needed. Do not exceed 2 applications per day. TIPS >>> 1. For external oral use only, Do not swallow. Do not exceed 2 applications per day. 2. Rest for a few days before next using,if you feel sore after use. 3. Children under 18 years old, elderly, pregnant women, breastfeeding women with caution. 4. Please don't use if you are sensitive to this product. 5. Please store our product in a place which is out of children's reach. 6. Use the product only as directed and for its intended use (only intended for natural teeth). 7. Excessive use may temporarily cause teeth sensitivity. Do not use if allergic to any ingredients, if irritation or swelling occurs,or have sensitive teeth.Consult a dental professional or physician if any of these symptoms occur. 8. You may brush using toothpaste before or after using Pankoo tooth whitener, however, it is recommended that you brush before using the teeth whitening gel pen.

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