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BRIGHTEN YOUR SMILE with the Whitebite Pro Teeth Whitening Kit with LED light. Painless and powerful, our teeth whitener light with 5 bulbs acts as a catalyst for our teeth whitener gel, promoting quicker and deeper cleaning action. 35% CARBAMIDE PEROXIDE in 3ml syringes takes the guesswork out of whitening teeth safely at home. Gentle on enamel and fillings, our teeth whitening system accesses hard-to-reach areas at the gum line and between teeth. 6 PRE-LOADED SYRINGES provide more tooth whitening treatments. Your Whitebite Pro Teeth Whitening Light Kit includes 4 whitening gel syringes and 2 remineralizing gel syringes to treat any tooth sensitivity that may follow. BUILT-IN TIMER set for 10-minute intervals lets you know when your whitening sessions are over. Also included in your tooth whitening kit is a no-boil mouth tray made of BPA-free silicone that cleans easily by hand or in your dishwasher. WE STAND BY OUR PRODUCT and are ready to remedy any issue which may arise with your Whitebite Pro Teeth Whitening Kit with LED light. Connect with us immediately using the contact information provided on the product box.
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Shine a Light on Your Best Asset More than 75% of the population has some degree of tooth discoloration, often robbing them of confidence and a sense of attractiveness. The Whitebite Pro LED Teeth Whitening Light System puts the gleam back in your grin, helping reduce wine and coffee stains in just minutes a day. Using the power of LED bulbs to accelerate our carbamide peroxide whitening gel, this professional teeth whitening kit restores your self-esteem and makes you more self-assured in social situations. More Reasons to Smile The Whitebite Pro Teeth Whitener Kit has 5 LED bulbs, more than rival teeth whitening products. It also includes 6 pre-measured syringes to whiten teeth and reduce post-treatment sensitivity. Complete with CR2025 batteries that deliver up to 48 hours of tooth whitening light, Whitebite Pro is the best teeth whitening kit for a cleaner, brighter smile. With an easy-to-follow whitening shade guide, you can achieve the most natural-looking smile at home for a fraction of the cost of visits to your dental hygienist. So Easy to Use Always brush your teeth and rinse first. Attach the mouth tray to the teeth whitening LED light and then add 0.5 ml of peroxide gel to the inner vertical edge on each side. Place the tray firmly to your front teeth, wiping away any gel that may overflow as a result. Activate the whitening light to perform a 10-minute session. Repeat this for 7-10 days to achieve the desired whitening of teeth, always brushing teeth after to remove the residual gel. Use the desensitizing gel if temporary irritation follows. For white teeth that dazzle with every smile, add the Whitebite Pro LED Teeth Whitening Kit to your oral care products today.

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