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Fast Teeth Whitening Result: 10 Min is enough to whiten your teeth at least 2 shades. EZGO Teeth Whitening Kit contains LED accelerator light and high-quality teeth whitening gel to remove years of teeth stain easily and safely, includes coffee, tea, wine, smoking, and more. Totally Non-Sensitive and Safe: 100% mild and insensitive for tooth whitening. The teeth whitener with Carbamide peroxide helps to remove stains effectively and powerfully but gently, safe for enamel. Bonus Remineralization gel for Sensitive Teeth, Enjoy the teeth whitening kit with LED light without any hesitation. High-Quality and Dentist Recommended: Save money and time to enjoy professional tooth whitening treatment at home by using the all-in-one teeth whitening kit to get the same teeth whitening result as the dentist clinic, EZGO teeth whitening kit with LED Light really can do it. Easy for Home Using: Vivid instruction helps to complete the installation quickly and without any question. You can enjoy the tooth whitening treatment while working or reading at home, office, or travel. Comfortable Teeth Whitening Mouth Tray: Well-designed and made of safe material, the mouth tray in the teeth whitening kit is comfortable for daily using, and suitable for any mouth size.
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EZGO Teeth Whitening Kit for Sensitive Teeth, Whiten your teeth after FIRST time using. EZGO Teeth Whitening Kit with LED light includes * 2X 5ml Teeth Whitening Gel * 1X Remineralization Gel * 1X UV Teeth Whitening LED Light * 1X Teeth Whitening Mouth Tray * 3X Teeth Bleaching Gel Application Tips How to Use: Step 1: Brush your teeth before doing teeth whitening, we highly recommend to use Remineralization gel first, this can reduce teeth sensitive while teeth whitening. Step 2: Open the back of LED whitening teeth light, take out the plastic pad between the batteries, re-insert the Two batteries and keep the “+” side up, lock the batteries cell firmly. Step 3: Remove the short cap on the top of the instant teeth whitening gel, apply the long cap to the top of gel. Step 4: Connect the teeth whitening light to the dental tray. Step 5: Apply 0.5-1ML teeth whitening gel to the top and bottom surface of your whitening tray. Step 6: Turn on the blue teeth whitener light and put it into your mouth, the teeth whitening light will automatic turn off after 10 minutes with beep. Step 7: Brush your teeth and rinse your mouth throughly, clean the teeth whitening trays and keep the dental tray clean and dry for next time using.

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